Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Making contact with potential customers is a challenge.  There is a very fine line between enthusiastic follow up and annoying your potential customer. Emails and phone calls can easily be ignored by your target audience.  In bygone days, it was considerably easier for sales people to adopt the attitude that if a customer needed something, they would call you. Those were the days of word of mouth contact and trade show exposure.

Today, companies must focus on the online exposure and search engine optimization.  BUT, personal contact matters.  The statistics below bear that out. 

Pleasantly persist and you'll get the sale.

Wafer Process Systems manufactures Automated and Manual Wet Benches, IPA Dryers, Fume Hoods and Plating Equipment for the semiconductor, biomed,solar, disc and automotive industries.

                            Meeting your specifications.  Exceeding your expectations.

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