Monday, January 13, 2014


WPS' solvent wet process equipment utilizes Factory Mutual approved stainless steel  cabinet and components and are designed to process Si and GaAs wafers in a class 10 environment.  Safety and ergonomics are the main features in our systems design.  Systems come with an FM approved CO2 flame suppression system which interlocks with EPO circuit and interfaces with customers facility fire monitor system. All DI Water fluid components are accessible through removable access panels. All electrical components are accessible through front slide out control panels and removable rear access panels and incorporate interlock switches with EPO interface for safety. All chemical wetted components are Stainless Steel or PFA Teflon.

Compare our standard features with those of our competitors.

Standard Safety and Service Features:

-  Three year warranty on all system electrical components and DI water components and two 
   year warranty on all chemical fluid components

-  Emergency power off circuit with remote mushroom kill switch located on front of cabinet and 
    remote lock out tag out knife switch electrical power disconnect.

-   All UL, CSA or CE listed high voltage electrical components with GCFI power circuit interrupt 
    for all heat load power circuits and component level circuit fused circuit protection.

-   Photohelic® low exhaust monitor with audible and visual alarm to interface with emergency  
    power off circuit.
-   N2 purged electrical control panel enclosure with flow meter and purge pressure interlock to  
    interface with emergency power off circuit.

-  Plenum liquid level sensor located in chemical and rinse vessel plenum to interface with 
   emergency power off circuit with audible and visual alarm.

-  UL Listed Photo Electronic Smoke Detector to interface with emergency power off circuit.

-  FM Approved Noveon® PVC-C constructed weldment with integral secondary containment

-  Casters and leg levelers for transportation and installation.

-  Electrical interlock switch keyed bypass switch to eliminate deactivation during servicing
   of the tool.

-  Stainless steel N2 and CDA manifold with high pressure and low pressure regulators with

-  Flow through PFA Teflon DI Water manifold with Flaretek Teflon tube fittings and auto DI water

-  Removable front or rear access plumbing panels and electrical access panels with interlock 
   switches to interface with emergency power off circuit.


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Thursday, January 9, 2014

In the market for an IPA Dryer? Check out our special offer to ring in 2014!

Do you have a requirement for an IPA dryer but have concerns regarding choosing the right equipment with the right vendor?  Take some of the worry out of your decision making process.  New for 2014, WPS is offering a 45 day demo of our IPA Aerosol Dryer at your facility.  Check out our web page for more information on our IPA Aerosol Dryer complete with Candela Test Results.

Contact us at 408/445-3010 for details about this great offer